A Very Freq Mods Holiday

by Freq Mods

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Salsus Satura


released December 12, 2012

Freq Mods is:
James Mutha Fuckin' Dean (Vox, Lyrics, Composition, Production, Martinis)
Liv Lee (Vox, Lyrics, and Sexy)
Justin Beaty (Lyrics, Dreads)
Sephrick Jannssen (Lyrics, Composition, Production, Piano, Vox, Bad Ideas)
Deandre Cole (Host, Freq Mods' Enthusiast)
Hung Jizzy (Vox, Real Trap Shit)
Teen La-Queefa (Vox, Bad Ratchet Bitch)

Thnx 2 all those who won't sue us 4 using your sheet.
such as: kroger, kris kringle, kat, keenan. ck



all rights reserved


Freq Mods Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: A Very Freq Mods Holiday/A Gift From James Dean
your nuts roasting on an open fire,
jackoff at your nose . . .

erm ser exserted abert thers
ferk merds hurlider erberm
er herp uer er ter
ner merter wert hulerder ur cerlerbert.
Berk Ferder, ner werk er skerr werk,
gert shert fer ferrr der.
thers ferk merd erberm ferkin hers erverthern yer lerv abert ferk merds
berg berty berchers, gengster verlernce, terp shert
gerft kerds
ernd erts are bert ter uer ber
jerms merther ferkin dern
ern ther lervler lerv ler
there nerest and merst arsem mermber erv ferk merds
er herp yer erjer ert ers merch ers were derd merkin it
ern ferk yer merther ferkin ferk merd heurlader . . .

dressed up like eskimos . . .

Merry Mutha Fuckin Christmas
I want you to sit your fine ass down on your subwoofer
and in three "hos" you hold on tight
Track Name: Black Friday In The Trap
Chorus:Black friday in the trap. x8

Look out all you bitches cause I'm about to snap
I jus ate a turkey leg and now I'm fully strapped
'cause I'm gettin that TV that Xbox that crack
it's Black Friday in the Trap

Was you waiting in line bitch this gun says no
Can I cut in front of you? yeah i thought so
You got a problem I got a can of mace
I'm about to introduce it to your fitty fitty face


Waiting in line in the cold outside Best Buy
I don't care if there's cops somebodys bout to die
25 TVs & 25 Of 'em mine.
Look out motherfuckers they flippin the sign!

Ima get the best deals, gonna do it for my fam
My mom my cousins even my grannie gran
When I see those prices drop I say "Goddamn!"
mother fuckers in my way and I go: BAM!


Ridin' in the parking lot, I see those Gucci tags
Gonna hit u with my car, And take yo' shopping bags
Now you better watch yourself, because i just might take your shit.
i didn't get a furby and my kids gon throw a fit.

I showed up at that shit and, i was ready for shootin'
but only three bitches needed executin'
Back at the crib survey my loot and
Gonna keep this shirt cause it sure looks cute ay on me
Track Name: Merry Christmas (Why Are You Such A Bitch)
Chorus one
Merry Christmas why are you such a bitch?
Merry Christmas why must it be like this?
G Am
All I want for Christmas is a tiny bit
Of peace and quiet. Can we just try it?

D Em
I grabbed your boob underneath the mistletoe.
D C7
You pushed away, and said, "I don't think so!"
D Em
Don't be a bitch, I think I've earned this right.
G Bm
It's Christmas Eve why must we fight?

Merry Christmas why are you such a bitch?
Merry Christmas why must it be like this?
And all I want for Christmas is a tiny bit
Of peace and quiet. Why can't we just try it?

So what if I'm already drunk at ten after threes
it's not like you ever gonna get drunk with me
i got all week off y cant u - let me be?
can u just leave me alone on this - christmas eve


Buying a gift 4 your mom can't be this hard
Why don't we just go to Kroger and get her a gift card
U know damn well this year I'm on a tight budget
And 4 some reason u just don't seem to give a shit
So I say...


And by the way I think we need to talk
Your decorations this year are a bit over the top
U forget all this because u don't pay the bills
Can we shut off the lights, and your mouth, goddamn just chill.
Track Name: Kroger Gift Card Blues
well I went to Kroger today
and bought 100 gift cards
it was all part of my holiday plan
to put some gas in my car
I gave some cards as gifts
I use some of them like cash
but when I went to fill up the tank
I didn't save on gas

and I said what's up with that
what is up with that

I got no fuel points
even though I bought gift cards

I bought gift cards
and used them like cash
but I did not save on gas
what's up with that
Track Name: Chirstmas In Hollis (Trapped By Freq Mods)
the rhymes that you hear
are the rhymes of Darrell
...we bust Christmas Carols . . .